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Communication Unit

MPK number: 641

Address:M. Skłodowskiej-Curie 3a, 80-210, Gdańsk
Tel.:58 349 17 50

Joanna Śliwińska

Magda Boguska

Dominika Dowgiert

Paweł Sudara

Communication Unit
Joanna Śliwińska, spokesman, head of the unit
Magda Boguska, junior communication specialist
Dominika Dowgiert, junior communication specialist
Paweł Sudara, multimedia specialist

Communication Unit tasks:
1. Managing the strategic mission of the MUGs internal and external communication development.
2. Editorial of websites (GUMed oraz MUG).
3. Managing social media (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube).
4. Manging and
5. Website and subpages editorial supervision.
6. Creating graphics for social media and the website.
7. Managing the internal website – extranet.
8. Monitoring of current media.
9. Managing of the BIP.
10. Coordination of email communication, except of the Chancellors Unit.
11. Perfecting communication tools.
12. Supporting medical entities in communicating with socio-economic environment.
13. Cooperation with the University employees in managing contacting with the media.
14. Researching and distributing information about important events, achievements and initiatives.
15. Active participation in creating media content on University premise.
16. Editing of commemorative letters and speeches for members of Rectors College in Polish and English.
17. Participating in preparation of the MUGs publications.
18. Managing the MUGs and Rectors’ positive image.
19. Replacing the spokesman during her absence.
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Magda Boguska, Dominika Dowgiert, Joanna Śliwińska