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Department of Histology

Faculty of Medicine
MPK number: 280

Prof. Dr. Habil. Michał Żmijewski

Prof. Dr. Habil. Michał Żmijewski

My principal research interests involve several aspect of skin endocrinology, with the stress on skin pathologies and their treatment. I am particularly interested in synthesis and metabolism of vitamin D and potential use of vitamin D derivatives in treatment of civilization diseases including cancer. My team investigates anticancer activity of several vitamin D analogues on melanoma model, and recently introduced in our lab osteosarcoma and colorectal cancer cell models. Second main project covers role of neuropeptides and hormones in skin physiology and pathogenesis and crosstalk amongst keratinocytes, melanocytes and mast cells. The studies in my laboratory are sponsored by MNiSW (vitamin D and mastocytosis projects) and PTGen (grant for BIOMOL biotechnology student`s group) and are conducted in collaboration with local and international scientists.

Address:Dębinki 1, 80-211, Gdańsk
Tel.:58 349 14 37 - Secretariat/head
58 349 14 32 - Employees

One of our aims is to understand the functional interactions between components of hypothalamic neuropeptide network and peripheral hormones that control food intake during aging. We believe that description of age-related characteristics of such control in a model animal system may be useful for potential therapy of appetite disturbances in the elederly.
Studies of replicative aging of lymphocytes may improve our understanding of age-dependent decline of immunological system functions that is often observed during physiological aging.

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