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Division of Public Health & Social Medicine

Department of Social Medicine
MPK number: 144

Address:Dębinki 7, budynek nr 15, 80-211, Gdańsk
Tel.:58 349 15 40 - Secretariat/head
58 349 15 41 - Employees
58 349 15 42 - Employees
58 349 15 43 - Employees
58 349 15 44 - Employees
Tel./fax:58 349 15 48

Our Mission

Make the world healthier through knowledge, commitment, skills and extensive cooperation. We want to implement our mission through:

• Developing public health as a fascinating field of science and practice,

• Increasing public health competences of all our students

• Sharing our passion for public health with the local and global community


A community which cares about people’s health using the best scientific evidence in public health and highly values those working in public health


1. Development of research in the area of public health: interdisciplinary, multi-center and international

2. Offering an excellent education based on acquiring competences in public health and shaping pro-social attitudes

3. Building a vibrant center for the development of young public health adepts by expanding the scientific and didactic offer, scientific circles, internships and student exchanges

4. Making a significant contribution to advocacy, health policy development and the implementation of public health interventions at local and global level

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