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Division of Medical Sociology & Social Pathology

Department of Social Medicine


Journals publications included in the Master Journal List (from last three years):

  1. Doctors' attitudes in the situation of delivering bad news: patients' experience and expectations - SOBCZAK KRZYSZTOF, LEONIUK KATARZYNA - Arch. Med. Sci. - 2023 : vol. 19, nr 4, s. 921929, bibliogr. 32 poz., streszcz. ang.
  2. Applying machine learning to construct a model of risk of depression in patients following cardiac surgery with the use of the SF-12 survey - NOWICKA-SAUER KATARZYNA, Jarmoszewicz Krzysztof, Molisz Andrzej, SOBCZAK KRZYSZTOF, Sauer Marta, Topolski Mariusz - Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health - 2023 : vol. 20, nr 6, art. ID 4876, s. 1-11, bibliogr. 40 poz., streszcz. ang.
  3. Medical or common knowledge? Knowledge of medical professionals on obesity diagnosis criteria and treatment - Mojkowska Aleksandra, SOBCZAK KRZYSZTOF, LEONIUK KATARZYNA, Henzler Michał, Jackowski Marek - Obes. Facts - 2023 : vol. 16, nr 3, s. 216-223, bibliogr. 34 poz., streszcz. ang.
  4. Delivering bad news: emotional perspective and coping strategies of medical students - SOBCZAK KRZYSZTOF, Trzciński Marcin, Kotłowska Agata, Lenkiewicz Julia, Lenkiewicz Oliwia, Przeniosło Julia, Plenikowski Jan - Psychol. Res. Behav. Manag. - 2023 : vol. 16, s. 3061-3074, bibliogr. 50 poz., streszcz. ang.
  5. Comparing students of medical and social sciences in terms of self-assessment of perceived stress, quality of life, and personal characteristics - Wielewska Magda K., Godzwon Julia M., Gargul Kacper, Nawrocka Emma, Konopka Kinga, SOBCZAK KRZYSZTOF, Rudnik Agata, ZDUN-RYŻEWSKA AGATA - Front. Psychol. - 2022 : vol. 13, art. ID 815369, s. 1-6, bibliogr. [34] poz., streszcz. ang.
  6. Delivering bad news: self-assessment and educational preferences of medical students - Lenkiewicz Julia, Lenkiewicz Oliwia, Trzciński Marcin, SOBCZAK KRZYSZTOF, Plenikowski Jan, Przeniosło Julia, Kotłowska Agata - Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health - 2022 : vol. 19, nr 5, art. ID 2622, s. 1-9, bibliogr. 25 poz., streszcz. ang.
  7. Influence of personal experiences of medical students on their assessment of delivering bad news - Kotłowska Agata, Przeniosło Julia, SOBCZAK KRZYSZTOF, Plenikowski Jan, Trzciński Marcin, Lenkiewicz Oliwia, Lenkiewicz Julia - Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health - 2022 : vol. 19, nr 19, art. ID 12040, s. 1-10, bibliogr. 35 poz., streszcz. ang.
  8. Fatigue, pro-social attitude and quality of life as predictors of empathy in medical and social-oriented students - ZDUN-RYŻEWSKA AGATA, SOBCZAK KRZYSZTOF, Rudnik Agata - Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health - 2022 : vol. 19, nr 23, art. ID 15853, s. 1-8, bibliogr. 41 poz., streszcz. ang.
  9. The "CONNECT" Protocol: delivering bad news by phone or video call - SOBCZAK KRZYSZTOF - Int. J. Gen. Med. - 2022 : vol. 15, s. 3567-3572, bibliogr. 39 poz., streszcz. ang.
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