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Division of Pathology and Experimental Rheumatology

Faculty of Medicine


Grants won:

  • The Polish National Science Centre grant ODW-6404/B/P01/11/40 (G-879): Immunological characteristisc of the early arthritis –quantitative and functional changes in the peripheral blood T and B lymphocytes (Grant Manager: Professor Ewa Bryl MD, PhD; 2012-2015)

Own research:

  • MN 01-0132/08/285: CXCR3, CXCR4 and CXCR5 chemokine receptors on the CD8+ and CD19+ lymphocytes in early arthritis (PhD thesis, principal investigatotr: Izabella Henc MSc)
  • MN 01-0139/08/285: Predictive value of the cytokines produced by CD4+ lymphocytes in patients with early arthritis (PhD thesis, principal investigator: mgr Edyta Brzustewicz).
  • MN 01-0234/08: The relationship of intestinal permeability with food hypersensitivity IgG subsidiary and assess the effectiveness of diet elimination- rotation in their regulation of adult patients. (PhD thesis: Aleksadnra Jasztal-Nowicka MSc)
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