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Division of Quality of Life Research

Department of Psychology



Dr. Habil. Magdalena Błażek, Assoc. Prof.

Katarzyna Milska-Musa, Ph.D.

Natalia Nadrowska, Ph.D.

Michał Olech, Ph.D.

Michał Olech, Ph.D.

Michał teaches courses on data analysis using R in social and medical sciences on undergraduate, graduate and PhD levels.

I’ll be using DataCamp for the Classroom in my data science class following semester! DataCamp supports education around the world for free via this initiative. Find out more here:

Aleksandra Stańska, Ph.D.

Maciej Walkiewicz, Ph.D.

Agata Zdun-Ryżewska, Ph.D.


Ashvika Ahuja, M.A.

Małgorzata Basińska, Ph.D.

Julia Jastrzębska, M.A.

Marta Ruszkiewicz, Ph.D.

Karolina Wysokińska-Zakrzewska, M.A.

Secretariat Staff:

Anna Piotrowska, M.A.
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Krzysztof Basiński