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Department of Pharmaceutical Pathophysiology

Faculty of Pharmacy
MPK number: 528

Prof. Dr. Habil. Iwona Inkielewicz-Stępniak

Prof. Dr. Habil. Iwona Inkielewicz-Stępniak

I am a graduate of the MUG (Faculty of Pharmacy). I completed two post-doc research internships at Trinity College Dublin, where I was involved in researching the pharmacological activity of new aspirin analogues as well as nanopharmacology and nanotoxicology in vitro. My research interests are focused on experimental nanomedicine, platelet pharmacology, research on the interaction of platelets with neoplastic cells and the role of platelets in the formation of neoplastic metastases, and research on the development of targeted therapy for pancreatic cancer. Currently, I am Principal Investigator of two grant projects financed by the National Science Center: OPUS (evaluation of the potential antitumor activity of new opioid growth factor analogues in the treatment of pancreatic cancer), HARMONIA (evaluation of the anticoagulant and antiplatelet activity of functionalized silver nanoparticles) and a PI at MUG of EU-funded Research and Innovation Programme Horizon: PRECODE (development of a three-dimensional model of pancreatic cancer). I am also a research supervisor in three PRELUDIUM grants and two intra-university Young Creator of Science grants. I cooperate with Trinity College Dublin, Erlangen Clinical University and the University of Saskatchewan. I am the supervisor of five completed doctorates and four currently being pursued.

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